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Staff Review and Development Process 2018

Our annual Staff Review and Development (SRD) process is now open. The aim of this process is to ensure that you have the opportunity to meet with your line manager and discuss your achievements, challenges and plan future objectives. It also provides the opportunity to identify any training and development requirements to help you progress or support you in your role.

UIS Staff Review and Development (SRD) Process 2018 - summary


Each member of staff will be reviewed once per year after their initial probationary period. The reviewer will normally be your line manager and they will contact you to arrange a meeting. Please note that all reviews are confidential and completed forms will be stored with the individual’s HR records

1. Send in your current Role Profile to the Admin Office

Over the past few years, there have been a lot of changes to people’s roles, and we want to be sure that we have a record of your most recent Role Profile. We captured some of these changes last year during the SRD process but still need to identify more. Please email an electronic copy of what you believe to be your currently agreed Role Profile to the Admin Office ( by Friday 14 December 2018. If you don’t currently have an electronic version, please scan the paper copy. If you do not have a formally documented Role Description, please email the Admin Office to let us know – i.e. nil returns are still required. Where this is the case we will be working to capture these before next year’s SRD process.2

2. Start planning for your Staff Review and Development meeting

The agenda for preparing for your review can be downloaded here: SRD Agenda 

There are two parts to the form: Part A which relates to the Objectives discussion and  Part B  which relates to the Professional Development discussion. It would be helpful if these 2 parts are emailed as separate attachments as they will be dealt with separately.

Download forms:


Timetable for completing the SRD process

Start of December
Line managers will receive an email listing the staff they should be reviewing, with copies of the Staff Development and Review forms. We will catch-up with any recent line-management changes at this point
December onwards  Schedule your individual review meeting
Friday 14 December  Deadline for returning an electronic copy of your current Role Profile to the Admin Office or let us know that you do not hold one (
Friday 18 January  Deadline for line managers to return their staff’s review documents to the Admin Office (


Guidance materials and online training for your SRD

Online training for reviewers and reviewees

View a short online video to help you prepare for your SRD interview:

Guidance booklet

View the helpful guidance booklet from the University HR site:

Create a Skills Profile 

As part of a career development initiative, we encourage people to create their skills profile over the next year (2019) which will facilitate improved review of this area with line managers and also align this with next year’s staff reviews and development process.  

Benefits of creating a skills profile:

  • Determines and provides an analysis of your current skills
  • Identifies any skills gaps
  • Identifies any training needs
  • A foundation for Continuous Personal Development (CPD)

Rinku Raina, Career Development Advisor can offer 121 support. Please contact Rinku directly at: 

Further information on the skills profile using SFIA can be found at:

If you are unsure of any aspect of this process please contact Louise Balshaw, Departmental Administrator at