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Technical Design Authority

The Technical Design Authority (TDA) exists to curate technical standards to help improve consistency of service development and design within UIS. It is composed of at least the UIS Architecture Group, Portfolio technical leads and additional technical expertise which may be required.

What we do

The TDA has three key roles:

  1. To own the set of technical standards UIS should use across its systems and projects including: authentication, APIs, code hosting, and the UIS development frameworks standard.
  2. To provide technical advice.
  3. To approve technical aspects of all high-level project designs.

Formal documents

TDA Website

The TDA has a number of formal documents, hosted on G Suite@Cambridge:

Who we are

The current TDA members are (in alphabetical order):

Contact us

The TDA may be contacted via


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Last updated: 09 November 2020

TDA Downloads

Introduction to The Technical Design Authority:


Staff Seminar (June 2019)

Architecture and what it means for Developers