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Lockdown diary: Richard Hey is herding cats

last modified Jun 26, 2020 09:11 AM
Richard Hey, who leads the Institutional Liaison and Relationship Management division, describes the challenges of working from home while sharing a workspace with a wilful new kitten called Gimli.

Working from home in shared domestic spaces can often be difficult, but imagine what it must be like when sharing lockdown with an inquisitive and energetic bundle of fur? That's the challenge Richard Hey is contending with right now, as he explains:

"Just over a week ago I had to start sharing my working space with our new kitten called Gimli (named after the character from The Lord of the Rings). He is currently too small to be let outside and too small to socialise safely with our other cats and dogs. He therefore spends his days "helping me" with work.

He has learnt quickly, and has now mastered the art of muting me mid-sentence and is quite proficient at ending an MS Teams call at the most inopportune moment! He loves the Venetian blinds in the room which he thinks are there just for him to climb. I think he is also developing a keen interest in wireless technology as he is keen to try and chew and then do away with any visible wires."

Gimli preparing for his next teleconference

Gimbli preparing for his next teleconference

Gimli pauses for thought during an intense planning session

Gimbli pauses for thought during an intense planning session